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La Caille - Employee Positioning Statement

L- Lavish- be extravagant with actions and quality
A- Accountable- responsible
C- Customer Service- work for customers
A- Atmosphere- mood or tone
I- Impressive- causing admiration and respect
L- Loyalty- feeling of duty
L- Leader- somebody or something whom people follow
E- Excellence- superiority

Our guests return because of me
La Caille hospitality is made up of enthusiasm, sincerity, and fun
I treat others the way I wish to be treated: with trust and respect
I understand my responsibility to satisfy both internal and external guests
I am empowered to use my best judgment to ensure guest satisfaction at all times
Actions speak louder than words

I believe our common goal will be reached by maintaining a sense of honesty, trust and respect amongst us

I treat every guest as a VIP, Very Important Patron

I recognize that my growth comes from accepting and implementing change

Mission Statement

“We are here to provide our guests with total quality experience beyond the expectations of perfect.”  This will be the goal of every La Caille employee.

Our employees are as valuable as each guest.  To prosper a precise team that provides an experience worthy of local and national attention while providing financial returns to the investors as well as the employees.
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