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La Caille Farm to Table

The passion and dedication to create the best menu offerings comes directly from La Caille Chef Billy Sotelo and Grounds Crew member Ryan Richardson. Three years ago, they created a garden to  supply La Caille with fresh organic ingredients for use in our restaurant and event menu offerings.  Their efforts have resulted in quality ingredients for exceptional menu items, created from the largest farm to table garden in Utah.


Kitchen staff and grounds crew were trained by a local farmer to craft fertile soil, rich in nutrients, and perfectly balanced to grow the best organic and flavorful vegetables and fruits.   The Garden is carefully planned every year with new additions to the long list of items we grow including tomatoes, leeks, lettuces, cabbages, sunchokes and artichokes, many varieties of beans, squash and brussels sprouts.    

The Garden is a self-sustaining ecosystem, fed by nutrients from composted excess garden mulch to guarantee the best environment for Organic Growth. The herb farm inside the La Caille greenhouse is also a self-supported growth system utilizing aquaponics for nutrients.

We think you will agree that fresh, organic ingredients translate to a superior dining experience.